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So my friend and I were lamenting one day about the ads on Facebook selling T-shirts with steno keyboards and foul outlines.  Ugh.  I know none of my professional friends would want to wear that.  I can just imagine some stranger walking up and asking what it means.  Embarrassing!

And why is it that court reporter and steno-related items gotta be so … well … unattractive?  I was never interested in wearing a fat dinosaur shirt either.  How about you?

So we really wanted to do something that not only we would want to wear, but that our peeps would be proud to wear.  We’re developing shirts – really beautiful T-shirts, not Beefy Ts – that we think are cool and, as the sparkle partner likes to say, “Pretty!”  Our shirts are soft and comfortable and made in the USA, and we’ve worked hard to make sure we can offer you an affordable price.

We’re so excited to bring a bit of fashion to court reporters, captionists, and CARTers.  We’ll have our products posted soon, and we’d love to hear any of your thoughts and ideas!